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Benten Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm) kupić w Wolow
Kupić Benten Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm)
Benten Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm)

Benten Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm)

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We are manufacturers of horse balms of Benten make. It is herbal ointment authorized as cosmetics intended for people. It can be used to treat pains in back, overloaded joints or tired limbs. Initially it was a potent painkiller used in veterinary turnover for horses. As it became wildly popular, the idea of registering it as a cosmetic intended for people arouse, which allowed selling it legally thorough pharmacies, herbal and medical shops or drugstores. The fashion for this product came to Poland from Germany. Recently it has been also quite popular in other European countries.
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Benten Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm)
Benten Pferdebalsam (Horse Balm)
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