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Buy Apparatus for psychophysiological correction Neurodoktor Svetoch (original)
Apparatus for psychophysiological correction Neurodoktor Svetoch (original)

Apparatus for psychophysiological correction Neurodoktor Svetoch (original)

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Apparatus "Neurodoctor" neuro - psychophysiological correction Svetoch (Original)

The device uses the colors of light waves to communicate ideal health messages to the pineal gland through the eyes. From here, commands are transmitted to all points of the body. The rules for normal healthy functioning come to every cell. Where there are distortions in the work of the organs, an instant correction begins. It passes gently, in the most acceptable way for the human body, without side effects. The MAIN and IMPORTANT property of the device is that the impact is carried out on the entire body, smoothly and methodically healing it completely from minor problems to serious disorders, thus improving the state of health in general.


The pulse repetition rate of intrapulse modulation is 9.2 ± 0.2 Hz.

The duration of intrapulse modulation pulses is 0.015ms.

Number of operating modes - 12 

Frequency of radiation amplitude modulation in each mode from 0 to 10 Hz, with an accuracy of 0.01 Hz.

Form of modulating signals - sinusoidal 

Power supply - built - in 170 mAh lithium polymer battery 

Weight, no more than 100g.

Attention! The Neurodoktor Svetoch device is an original device that has been produced since 2010.

We are the exclusive representatives of the manufacturer.


1. Producer price 

2. Original factory products (the presence of a registration certificate, certificates, etc. )

3. The name of the device and the manufacturer has not changed since the release in 2010

4. The design of the device is original - correct, special LEDs with precise focusing

5. The presence of a new modern program since 2013 (a program that really heals)

6. Ability to program yourself

7. Ability to set any frequency for treatment (each disease has its own frequency)

8. Built - in powerful battery (enough for several years of work) 

9. The presence of a USB charger (charged from a wall outlet or computer)

10. Absence of contraindications (except for a pacemaker)

11. Program in different languages

12. The device has 12 colors corresponding to all organs

13. Programs are loaded into the device for correcting all meridians to set up all organs for proper operation.

14. The service life of the device is on average 10 years

15. Warranty, service, availability of spare parts and accessories

16. Always in stock

17. Operational assistance, advice and support

18. Availability of various configurations of the device

19. Having real satisfied users and reviews

20. Honest information, without deceit and empty promises




More details for those who are interested


The method of healing with the help of light and color is called impulse therapy. Light waves of a certain color have characteristics: length, frequency, power, nature. They interact with our bodies, resulting in changes. Now they are taking pictures of human energy, which show that the organs emit light. The patient has a light of dirty, dull and mixed colors. Healthy - bright, clean colors.


Each organ has its own color and vibration of healthy function. By imposing a corresponding light wave on a diseased organ, according to the law of resonant interaction, its function is corrected and health is restored.

The eyes in this case act as conductors of light pulses. And this is not accidental, since the iris contains projections of all organs and systems of the human body.


Contraindications for use


Presence of an implantable pacemaker

Attention! In case of epilepsy, it is recommended to use the device under medical supervision.

 In other cases, the use of the device is useful for treatment and is recommended for prevention, as it improves immunity, increases energy potential and activates the body's defenses.


Additional information from the creators


Light has been used in medicine for thousands of years, but only now modern technologies have made it possible to consciously heal the body at the atomic, molecular and nano level using the Neurodoktor Svetoch device.

Light exposure is possible through acupuncture points, skin, mucous membranes, blood vessels, etc. However, of all the methods, the most convenient and effective is exposure to light through the eyes, since it is the eye that was created to perceive light.

For comparison: a person perceives information with the organs of smell only 3.5% , by ear - 11% , by vision - 83% .


Historical facts


The temples of ancient Egypt were designed to refract the light of the sun's rays into various colors for healing.

In ancient India, colored glasses were used through which sunlight or multi - colored fabrics were passed.

Colored water was used in Rome. Multi - colored precious and semi - precious stones were placed in water, and then they drank it. A certain stone contributed to the healing of the disease.

Avicenna, Hippocrates, Paracelsus used these methods in their practice. 1878 Edwin Babitt, in his work "Principles of Light and Color", tells about his practice of using the "solar elixir", with the help of which he managed to cure incurable diseases at that time.

Dinshi Gadiali systematized knowledge and practical experience in the field of light therapy. He founded the scientific direction - Spectro - Chromia. His readings were very accurate, took into account the smallest details and helped to treat difficult cases where traditional methods were powerless.

In Denmark, Nils Finsen used light therapy to treat tuberculosis and lupus erythematosus, later smallpox. The results were so successful that in 1903 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize.


Information to help

RED SPECTRUM (620 - 760 NM)

The most intense, invigorating and warm. It activates the vital force of the body, increases efficiency and physical strength, awakens courage, the will to live and optimism, as well as:

- stimulates metabolism;

- helps to remove toxins from the body;

- activates the work of the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands;

- accelerates the formation of platelets and hemoglobin;

- eliminates congestion in the organs;

- contributes to the cessation of inflammatory processes;

- increases blood pressure, sexual activity;

- increases the frequency and strength of heart contractions, blood flow velocity;

- speeds up breathing;

- helps to accelerate the healing of wounds, ulcers, bruises;

- effective in viral infections.



It creates a feeling of cheerfulness, optimism, well - being, cheerfulness. Helps to improve mood, eliminates depression and fear, reduces psycho - emotional stress, as well as:

- eliminates spasms and bronchospasms;

- clears the bronchi of mucus;

- facilitates breathing in bronchial asthma;

- enhances libido and lactation;

- normalizes the functions of the endocrine system in menopause;

- increases appetite;

- improves secretory and motor activity of the stomach;

- reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood;

- increases the level of hemoglobin;

- improves cardiac activity without increasing blood pressure; - normalizes the activity of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, kidneys, bladder;

- accelerates tissue regeneration;

- promotes the restoration of bone tissue in osteoporosis, fractures, rickets;

- improves blood circulation in the vessels of the body.



It contributes to the development of a harmonious attitude to life in a person, improves mood, sociability and mental abilities, increases physical performance, relieves feelings of fatigue, drowsiness and melancholy, as well as:

- contributes to the restoration of the functions of the brain and spinal cord after injuries and strokes, paresis, paralysis;

- effective for the treatment of hallucinations and schizophrenia;

- reduces puffiness and cellulite;

- activates the functions of the lymphatic system and thymus gland;

- enhances the secretion of the pancreas and gallbladder;

- promotes the evacuation of parasites from the digestive tract and the neutralization of toxins;

- accelerates intestinal motility, stimulates the process of defecation;

- has a cleansing effect on the body.



The most harmonious and balanced. It is a healing color and can be used without precautions! It helps to fall asleep quickly, eliminate stress and negative emotions, restore mental balance, and also:

- elimination of congestion, edema, inflammation, energy "blocks";

- normalization of arterial and intraocular pressure;

- increase visual acuity, reduce eye fatigue;

- reduction of pain in neuralgia and migraine;

- concentration of attention;

- strengthening the function of the thymus gland and pituitary gland;

- elimination of arrhythmia and other disorders of cardiac activity;

- Improving the functioning of the liver.


BLUE SPECTRUM (480 - 510 NM)

It brings satisfaction, calmness and a sense of relaxation, helps with stress and anxiety, reduces muscle tone and nervous tension, slows down the pulse and normalizes sleep, as well as:

- reduces the activity of the thyroid gland with its hyperfunction;

- has a sedative effect in epilepsy, allergies, asthma;

- has analgesic, anti - inflammatory, antipyretic and - antiseptic effect;

- reduces inflammation of the ear, throat, nose;

- helps stop nosebleeds; - helps to get rid of enuresis;

- reduces rheumatic pains;

- enhances the effectiveness of anti - alcohol and anti - drug therapy.


BLUE SPECTRUM (450 - 480 NM)

It calms, promotes restraint and immersion in oneself, wisdom. It has an analgesic and antiseptic effect, reduces swelling and inflammation, is effective for stress and neuroses, as well as:

- contributes to the restoration of the function of the pituitary gland;

- reduces the hyperfunction of the thyroid and mammary glands;

- reduces runny nose, inflammation of the ear, throat, nose;

- effective for menopause and insomnia;

- contributes to an increase in the number of phagocytic cells.


PURPLE SPECTRUM (380 - 450 nm) 

Possesses the most powerful energy. It combines strength and softness, promotes the union of body, spirit and soul, develops intuition, sharpens eyesight and senses, has a calming effect on the nervous system, reduces hunger, and also:

- enhances the production of the hormone of youth and endorphins;

- affects the epiphysis;

- has antimicrobial activity;

- increases the body's defenses;

- activates the function of the spleen, enhances leukopoiesis;

- harmonizes the functions of the pancreas;

- reduces swelling and pain in bruises, concussions of the brain;

- reduces inflammation and rashes on the skin;

- reduces the heart rate;

- harmonizes the work of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


The lack or excess of any color leads to an imbalance and, as a result, to diseases.


With the help of the device Neurodoktor neuro - psychophysiological correction Svetoch, the balance is restored. By influencing a certain organ through its meridian, using Voll frequencies, the device adjusts the brain rhythms for self - healing.

With the help of the device of psychophysiological correction (Neurodoctor) Svetoch, a targeted effect is made on a certain organ through its meridian using Voll frequencies and brain rhythms are adjusted for self - healing.


Each energy meridian has its own color. Lack or excess of any color leads to energy imbalance and, as a result, to diseases.

1. "Lungs". They include both the lungs themselves and the skin, the central and peripheral nervous systems. That is, under the "Lungs" is meant a system that controls the gas and water exchange of the body with the external environment. At the same time, the lungs, as a physical organ, carry out the consumption of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide, as well as the release of moisture. And through sweating on the surface of the skin, an essential part of the regulation of water - salt metabolism occurs. Also, protection from external environmental influences depends on the skin. In order to manage such a complex and branched system that provides contact with the external environment and filtering the various processes of the body's exchanges with the external environment, the concept of "Lungs" includes the central and peripheral nervous systems. This refers to only a certain part of the functions of the nervous system - the control of the processes of interaction of the organism with the external environment. (It must be remembered that we are talking about classification not according to morphological, but according to functional characteristics. Accordingly, the nervous system is included in all 12 "organs", but each time different functional tasks performed by the nervous system are implied. )

2. "Large intestine". Responsible for the transportation of waste products and digestion, and also plays a significant role in the absorption of water. The "colon" is a paired organ of the "Lungs". With normal circulation of qi in the "Lungs", the large intestine also functions normally, and its good emptying is ensured. Violation of the qi circulation in the "Lungs" causes difficulty in emptying the intestines. And when there is a state of fullness and heat of the large intestine, accompanied by constipation, there may also be a state when the Qi of the “Lungs” stops descending, which causes shortness of breath.

3. "Spleen". The function of the "Spleen" as a functional system includes the management of all processes of assimilation of food and moisture and their transportation throughout the body, as well as control of blood and muscles. Naturally, such broad functions go far beyond the scope of the spleen as a physiological organ. This was already mentioned at the beginning of the article. The control of the blood mainly refers to the function of restraining the flow of blood. When this function is violated, various bleeding occurs. And the connection with the muscles and the functioning of the limbs comes from the function of transporting nutrients to them. If nutrients are supplied to the muscles, then they retain elasticity and strength, and if the transport of nutrients is disrupted, the muscles weaken.

4. "Stomach". Controls the intake and digestion of food. This is a paired organ "Spleen". To understand the difference between the role of the "Spleen" as the director of the digestive process and the "Stomach", you need to take into account that the "Spleen" is the "Yin" organ, and the "Stomach" is the "Yang" organ. Based on the dialectical principle, the process of digestion is divided into two parts: the "Yang" processes of crushing and digesting food are the function of the "Stomach", and the "Yin" processes of assimilation of nutrients are the function of the "Spleen". Maintaining a balance between these two processes ensures quality digestion.

5. "Heart". Responsible for transporting blood. But the task of the "Heart" is not limited to this. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the "Heart" is given the dominant role in controlling many of the mental and psychic functions that in modern Western medicine belong to the sphere of activity of the central nervous system. (By the way, in many European languages, cordiality and sincerity are synonymous words, the connection between the heart and mental qualities can be traced in the traditions of many cultures. At the same time, the separation of physiological and psychological processes is the lot of modern medicine, and in traditional Chinese medicine both physical and mental processes are considered holistically and through the circulation of vital energy in the organs. ) Another function of the "Heart" is sweating. In Chinese medicine, there is a rule: "Blood and sweat have the same origin. " “Lack of sweat means no blood, lack of blood means no sweat. And with excessive sweating, blood is wasted. In particular, in diseases, there are signs of palpitations and rhythm disturbances if too much sweat has been excreted and thus too much blood has been used up.

6. "Small intestine". According to the views of Chinese medicine, the "Small Intestine" is in charge of "the reception and transformation of substances. " It takes nutrients from the stomach, processes them, simultaneously separating transparent and cloudy substances. The transparent part (nourishing substance) is absorbed and sent through the spleen, distributed throughout the body, carrying out its nutrition. The turbid part is sent to the large intestine. The watery digestive juice left over from metabolism sinks lower to the bladder.

"Heart" and "Small intestine" are paired organs. The heart meridian leaves the heart and goes to the small intestine. The meridian of the small intestine comes out of it and connects to the heart. This internal connection carries out the movement of the element of fire. Violation of the circulation of fire leads to pathological conditions. For example, when the fire of the heart moves down to the small intestine, it evaporates body fluid in it. This results in infrequent urination and pinkish, hot fumes urine. And the movement of the “heat of the small intestine” towards the heart can “scorch” it. In this case, the patient has a state of excitement, rashes and blisters in the mouth and on the tongue.

7. "Bladder". Refers to the number of organs in charge of the exchange of fluids. The bladder is the paired organ of the kidneys. An important function of the "Bladder" is "evaporation", which depends on the strength or weakness of the qi of the "Kidneys". Kidney Qi helps the Bladder in urination, i. e. , in controlling the opening and closing of the Bladder.

8. "Kidneys". According to the views of Chinese medicine, the function of the "Kidneys" is, first of all, in the development of the bone, spinal cord and brain. The "kidneys" are in charge of the bones and are both the source of conception and growth. They are in charge of sexual functions and are responsible for water exchange. According to Chinese medicine, the retention and excretion of urine depends not only on the bladder, but also on the kidneys as a dense organ related to this process. With enough Kidney Qi, the Bladder is fully capable of holding urine and opening and closing normally. This is a condition for normal water metabolism in the body. With a lack of qi "kidney" "bladder" loses the ability to hold urine. The function of opening and closing the bladder is disturbed, urination is out of control,

9. "Pericardium". Physically, it represents the outer shell of the heart. The "pericardium" separates the heart from other organs of the chest. But in addition to the protective function of the heart, according to Chinese medicine, he is in charge of blood circulation through the blood vessels. Together with the "Heart" "Pericardium" affects the central nervous system, affects the activity of the intellect and mental state.

10. «Три обогревателя». В понятие «Трех обогревателей» входят верхний, нижний и средний обогреватели. «Верхний обогреватель» расположен выше диафрагмы, охватывает плотные органы «Сердце» и «Легкие». «Средний обогреватель» лежит в верхней части живота приблизительно на высоте желудка, включает плотный орган «Селезенку» и полый орган «Желудок». «Нижний обогреватель» находится ниже пупка в нижней части живота, включает в себя оба плотных органа — печень и почки — и полые органы: «Тонкий кишечник», «Толстый кишечник» и «Мочевой пузырь». «Три обогревателя» управляют работой всех внутренних органов, и если попробовать провести параллель с функциональными системами с позиции современной медицины, то наиболее адекватным вариантом является эндокринная система. Хотя, конечно же, это будет только физиологическое соответствие, не включающее в себя всю полноту представлений о циркуляции энергии, принятую в традиционной китайской медицине.

11. «Желчный пузырь». Согласно представлениям китайской медицины,

он имеет двойное назначение — накопление желчи и выделение ее в пищеварительный тракт. Ци «Желчного пузыря» находится во взаимосвязи с психическим состоянием человека. Психические болезни и психосоматические нарушения, такие как бессонница, чрезмерная интенсивность сновидений, сердцебиение и т. д. , в китайской медицине зачастую лечатся через желчный пузырь. «Желчный пузырь» находится в тесной связи с «Желудком» и «Селезенкой», поддерживая их при выполнении ими функции пищеварения.

12. «Печень». Согласно представлениям китайской медицины, она выполняет следующие функции:

Накопление и регулирование крови.

Транспортировка и выведение из организма различных веществ.

Ведание связками.

В период Танской династии китайский врач Ван - Бин писал в комментарии к книге «Су - вэнь»: «Печень накапливает кровь, а сердце транспортирует ее. Когда человек двигается, кровь направляется в сосуды. Если же человек находится в покое, кровь течет обратно к печени».

А такая важнейшая функция крови как фильтрация, согласно китайским представлениям, объясняется «любовью печени к порядку».

Нарушение функций «Печени» проявляется прежде всего в двух областях — психике и пищеварении. В китайской медицине действует правило, согласно которому психическое состояние человека не только управляется сердцем, но и находится в тесной связи с ци «Печени». Нарушение функций «Печени» приводит к депрессиям. Как считают китайцы, «печень любит порядок, она не любит печали и скорби»; «сильный гнев вреден для печени».

Еще одной функцией «Печени» является ведание связками. Это объясняется тем обстоятельством, что сухожилия питаются кровью, которая накапливается в печени. А при недостатке крови в печени не обеспечивается питание сухожилий.

Строение зрительного тракта:

Волокна идущие от каждой сетчатки, разделяются на два пучка в области зрительного перекреста, откуда они идут в латеральное коленчатое ядро и зрительную кору обоих полушарий. Правые стороны сетчатки обоих глаз посылают волокна в правое полушарие. Из - за того, что изображение переворачивается, проходя через зрачок, получается, что на правую сторону каждой сетчатки проецируется изображения окружающего мира с левой стороны и наоборот. Каждое полушарие "видит" зрительное поле противоположной стороны 

The primary visual cortex is extremely complex. It contains approximately one hundred thousand neurons per 1 square millimeter, approximately 150 million neurons per 15 square centimeters.

Due to its relatively large size, the primary visual cortex can influence adjacent areas of the brain when stimulated by light signals. This leads to excitation caused by the light signal.

In the instructions for the Svetoch device supplied by our company, the colors of toning and sedating the main energy meridians of the body are given. Lack of energy in any meridian is achieved by toning the corresponding and sedating the opposite meridian. An excess of energy in any meridian is achieved by sedating the corresponding and toning the opposite meridian.

Since the meridians are located on the right and left sides, Yang meridians stimulate through the right eye and calm through the left eye. Accordingly, Yin - the meridians stimulate on the left, and soothe on the right.


In order for the process of treatment and recovery to be faster and more efficient, as well as to enhance the capabilities of the device, it is necessary to set certain Voll healing frequencies in the device using software for each illness (disease). These frequencies greatly increase the efficiency of the device, since any disease has its own frequency.

Many manufacturers do not do this, due to their lack of such knowledge and because of the laboriousness of this process.

Our specialists have vast experience, more than 20 years, in this area.


Possibilities of the device of psychophysiological correction (neurodoctor) Svetoch:

По умолчанию, заводом - изготовителем, в прибор записаны следующие режимы работы: программы балансировки меридианов

Режим №1 – левый СИНЕ - ГОЛУБОЙ 1 Гц, правый ОРАНЖЕВЫЙ 1 Гц ,

Режим №2 – левый КРАСНЫЙ правый ГОЛУБОЙ 1 Гц,

Режим №3 – левый МАЛИНОВЫЙ 1 Гц, правый ЗЕЛЕНО - ГОЛУБОЙ 1 Гц,

Режим №4 – левый ЗЕЛЕНЫЙ 1 Гц, правый ПУРПУРНЫЙ 1 Гц,

Режим №5 – левый ЖЕЛТО - ЗЕЛЕНЫЙ 1 Гц, правый ФИОЛЕТОВЫЙ 1 Гц,

Режим №6 – левый СИНИЙ 1 Гц, правый справа ЖЕЛТЫЙ 1 Гц,

Режимы с №7 по № 12 повторяют режимы с №1 по №6 

Режимы работы прибора могут быть изменены с помощью специального программного обеспечения (в комплект не входит).

Светоч - программы (дополнительные):

Нозология, симптом или синдром


Адипозогенитальная дистрофия



Ангина фолликулярная

Артриты - артрозы

Артрит (артропатия) голеностопного сустава


Asthma (infectious - allergic or atopic)


Bechterew's disease

Bronchitis obstructive

Bronchitis asthmatoid

Varicose veins of the lower extremities

Autonomic disorders

Virial syndrome

Acute inflammation

acne vulgaris


Hypertonic disease

Hypertension systolic

Hypertension diastolic

Hypertension due to atherosclerosis



Hypotension (collapse)

Pituitary disorders


Biliary dyskinesia hyperkinetic - hypertonic form

Biliary dyskinesia hypokinetic - hypotonic form

Dermatitis (neurodermatitis)





Menopause (dysmenorrhea)

Hemorrhages, contusions, injuries




Diuretic action (regulation of diuresis, electrolyte balance of potassium and sodium)


Runny nose (see sinusitis, vasomotor rhinitis)

trigeminal neuralgia


Adrenal dysfunction




Paralysis is flaccid

Parasthesia, paresis

Parathyroid gland (impact on calcium and phosphorus balance)


periodontal disease

Liver toxic and infectious lesions (hepatitis - liver cirrhosis)



Vertebral pain on the background of osteochondrosis or osteochondropathy


Renal colic




Sleep disorders (falling asleep phases)




Weakness in the knee joints


Muscle cramps

angina pectoris


Trophic ulcers of the lower extremities

Diabetes mellitus (hypoglycemic effect)


Uremia (nephrosclerosis)


Cystitis (pyelocystitis)

Thyroid gland - dysterosis

Eczema dry

Eczema pustular


Peptic ulcer 12 - duodenal ulcer

Peptic ulcer of the stomach 



To eliminate the disease, it is necessary to correct the distorted structure of cells, bringing them into line with the original harmonious matrix structure. How it looks is shown in the pictures below. For clarity, instead of photographs of diseased and healthy cells, we used photographs of "sick" and "healthy" water crystals (as you know, about 75% of the body's water is inside cells as part of cellular protoplasm).


BEFORE treatment with the Neurodoktor Svetoch device


AFTER treatment with the Neurodoktor Svetoch device



In order to speed up the healing process and enhance the effect of the device, our company recommends using a special program with codes.

You can order this program from us.

We supply several complete sets of the Neurodoktor Svetoch apparatus of your choice, depending on your needs and capabilities.



If you are interested in correction programs for other diseases not listed in the table, please contact us.

Our experts will help you to install the necessary programs, adjust to the individual requirements of your body.

You can also get advice on additional methods of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.


Tired of getting sick? Pills don't help? Tired of going to the doctors? Contact the specialists of our company. Purchase from us the Device Neurodoktor Svetoch - an original device at manufacturer's prices.

Our company is the exclusive representative of the manufacturer in Ukraine.

We provide a full range of consulting, sales, service, software and support services.

Take care of your health and money, contact the professionals.

Official website: https://neuro-doc.org/



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Apparatus for psychophysiological correction Neurodoktor Svetoch (original)
Apparatus for psychophysiological correction Neurodoktor Svetoch (original)
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