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Device electrosurgical Force FX

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The device electrosurgical Force FX with monitoring of resistance of fabrics.

General characteristic:

  • The device FORCE FX is an electrosurgical mikrokontrolernyykoagulyator with monitoring of resistance of fabrics. About it is offered complete with electrodes and accessories.
  • The coagulator of FORCE FX is created for specialized surgery. Power of the device is 300 W. It allows to work in two surgery fields at the same time, has several options of the universal modes and optimum simple management. Reduction of quantity of the modes is created for convenience of the surgeon.
  • Nalichiyetrekh of the modes of a monopolar section — low - voltage, pure and cutting with a hemostasis. The first two are characterized by the minimum damage of edges of a section and are very effective for all types of fabrics.
  • The mode of low - voltage (LowCut) cutting differs in lack of electric discharges in air between an electrode and fabric. It is created for endoscopic surgery and other delicate procedures. PureCut — a cutting mode without hemostasis with preservation of the set power with the broad range of electric resistance of fabrics. The cutting mode with a hemostasis is suitable for any levels of an impedance (the general resistance).
  • The modes of monopolar coagulation – three options. The mode of contact coagulation (Desiccation) is characterized by absence at the small capacities of carbonization (carbonization) of fabrics and their prisykhaniye to an electrode at implementation of a hemostasis that is especially important during the work on brittle fabrics of parenchymatous bodies.
  • Contactless coagulation (Fulguration and Spray modes) use system of rendomizirovanny regulation of tension and frequency of a current that allowed to improve homogeneity of a coagulative scab and to increase safety of use of a coagulator.
  • Bipolar coagulation is also provided by three modes. It is the standard mode, makrobipolyarnyyrezhy (fast coagulation of large volumes of fabric or bipolar cutting) and the high - precision mode (it is necessary in neurosurgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology, etc. ). Activation from a pedal or by means of autobipolyarny function.
  • Exact selection of power by the user with a step of 1 W at low capacities, with a step no more than 5 W on averages and 10 W big capacities.
  • Storing of the last before switching off of settings of power. Control of the generator from a pedal and from the electrosurgical handle.
  • Ability of work with an argonoplazmenny prefix at its availability allows to expand possibilities of specialized medical care. Tools allow to dissect bezdymno fabrics and to beskontaktno coagulate them a stream of argon plasma.
  • Compatibility with dymootsosy meets the requirements of health protection of medics. Dymootsos synchronously with activation of a coagulator takes away a smoke directly from a surgery field.
  • Possibility of sharing with an ultrasonic destructor aspirator of CUSAExcel.

Safety of work:

  • Nominal frequency in cutting modes and contactless coagulation 390 kHz, in rezhimekontaktny coagulation 240 kHz, and bipolar coagulation — 470 kHz. Monitoring of resistance of tissues of the patient in a surgery field through an active electrode not less than 200 times a second (patented системаInstantResponse™) maintains constancy of the power given to tissues of the patient, despite changes of resistance of fabrics. Therefore the Assessment of effective power of the device is equal in the contact monopolar modes to 97 - 98% .
  • Indicators on displays of the device — power in watts. It is the main parameter regulated by the user (not the tension, not conventional dimensionless units, not % of the maximum indicators).
  • Constancy of surgical effect at sharply reduced general power and lack of need of changes in settings thanks to automatic control of a power output of a coagulator at the level established by the surgeon ± 5% .
  • Exception of peak increases of power or tension at the generator exit at inclusion and switching off.
  • The built - in system of an iskropodavleniye in cutting modes and contact coagulation.
  • Monitoring of efficiency of contact of a neutral electrode — avoidance of burns from the patient's plate (patented системаREM™), working in the safe range of resistance.
  • Adaptivity of system of monitoring of a neutral electrode to resistance of tissues of the specific patient.
  • Automatic self - testing of parts of the device.
  • Built - in system of suppression of currents of leak.
  • Leak current high - frequency: Mean square value in the bipolar mode less than 60 ma; Mean square value in the monopolar mode less than 150 ma. Leak current low - frequency at normal polarity and grounding – less than 10 mk.
  • Availability about 150 error codes for service.
  • Alarm signals (with interruption in supply of power on generator exits):
    • At emergence of codes of mistakes;
    • At change of an impedance of fabrics under a single - section neutral electrode on 20 Ohms and more;
    • At an impedance of fabrics under a two - section neutral electrode less than 5 Ohms or more than 135 Ohms;
    • At change of initially measured impedance of fabrics under a two - section neutral electrode more than for 40% ;
    • At disturbance of contact with the patient's plate.

Unique features of electrosurgical products:

  • The reusable electrosurgical handle (the holder of an electrode) who does not have internal cavities with an antiskid covering, a one - piece cable and a 3 - zuby fork. Any ways of sterilization.
  • Monopolar electrodes with an antiprigarny silicone covering of a different configuration.
  • Safe sticky two - section plates of the patient on the basis of acrylic hydrogel – a peripheral link of system of tracking contact of skin and a plate for the purpose of an exception of burns.
  • Extenders of monopolar electrodes for work in the depth of a wound or in endosurgery.
  • Abrasive sterile cleaners of electrodes from a deposit for use during operation.

Besides in a set are offered:

  • Bipolar tweezers of a different configuration and connecting cables to them.
  • Monopolar and bipolar explosion - proof pedals.
  • The universal cart for the electrosurgical equipment.
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Device electrosurgical Force FX
Device electrosurgical Force FX
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