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Buy SVETOCH pulsed color therapy device + meditative encoder program
SVETOCH pulsed color therapy device + meditative encoder program

SVETOCH pulsed color therapy device + meditative encoder program

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Pulse color therapy device SVETOCH + Neurodoktor meditative program - encoder 

The psychological impact of color.

Color has a huge impact on the human psyche, and certain colors cause strictly defined reactions of higher nerve centers. Due to these properties of color, in clinical practice, color therapy is a universal and absolutely safe remedy for the treatment of borderline disorders, psychosomatic diseases, and even some chronic mental illnesses.

Each organ of the human body corresponds to a specific frequency and color. Having an electromagnetic nature, color interacts with the energy structures of the human body, enhancing or suppressing their vibrations. Significant changes in the energy structure of a person lead to changes at the physical level.

Thus, the method of spectral wave therapy is based on the law of resonant interaction of colors that coincide with the frequency characteristics of human organs. Getting on the retina of the eye, the energy of light is transmitted through the pineal gland to the pineal gland in various structures of the body that need treatment (correction).

The eyes in this case act only as conductors of light impulses. And this is not accidental, since the iris contains projections of all human organs and systems. The light beam is the language of communication between the cells of the body and its color scale helps to restore the energy balance disturbed by the disease.

The uncontrollable increase in the incidence of the population around the world is forcing doctors and scientists to look for new, more effective ways and means of restoring and maintaining health. A number of discoveries in quantum physics and nanotechnologies developed on this basis allowed researchers to invade the hitherto inaccessible nanoworld of living matter, restore and regulate vital processes in the human body.

Classification of colors according to their psychological impact on a person.

(according to G. Freeling and K. Auer).

Stimulating colors (warm) - the whole range of colors from red to yellow. The main property of these colors is to cause excitement. Psychologically stimulate the interest of the individual in the outside world, develop sociability, encourage activity.

Disintegrating colors (cold) - the whole spectrum of colors from purple to blue - green. The main property of these colors is to cause inhibition. Psychologically, these colors soothe, relieve internal stress, increase the distance from the individual to society, reduce emotionality, bring rationality and rationality into behavior.

Static colors (balancing) - green, yellow - green, olive. The main property is balancing, equilibrium, balance. Psychologically, these colors make a person calm and balanced, psychological stability appears, immersion in one's inner world, self - confidence, even a sense of one's importance.

Pastel colors (soft) - pink, salad, gray - blue, purple. The main property of these flowers is a feeling of softness, tenderness. Psychologically, these colors evoke feelings of tenderness, softness, restraint, affection.

Suppressive colors (oppressive) - black, dark brown, dark gray and colors close to them with increased saturation. The main property is oppression and suppression of emotions. Psychologically, these colors and shades cause a depressed, gloomy, depressing mood in a person, cause melancholy, fear and hopelessness.

The energy of flowers.

According to the ancient Chinese Wu Xing system, the vital energy Qi (in Chinese transcription - Chi, in Japanese - Ki) conditionally consists of two mutually complementary energies: Yang - the energy of the masculine principle, light, day, activity, warmth. Yin is the energy of the feminine, darkness, night, passivity, cold. In the concept of the Wu Xing system, human health is the balance of these two energies, harmony, when none of the forces prevails in the body system. This ensures the normal regulation of the functions of all organs and systems. Accordingly, depending on the predominance or lack of one or another energy, disturbances occur in the system of regulation (meridians). The ancient Chinese empirically established the presence of energy in the human body. Moreover, they reasonably assumed that it is the Qi energy that regulates the functions of the organs and systems of the body, and, accordingly, supports life. This is also fully consistent with the Christian concept of the Spirit, the soul that governs the life of any living being. All this ancient knowledge was approximate, but completely legitimate and confirmed by modern knowledge about physiology, neurophysiology, biophysics, quantum physics.

Так вот, исходя из теории «У - син» цвета также делятся на Ян - цвета – красный, оранжевый, желтый. И, соответственно, Инь - цвета – голубой, синий, фиолетовый. Зеленый цвет считается энергетически сбалансированным, так как образуется из смешения синего (Инь) и желтого (Ян). Сегодня один аппарат для цветотерапии полностью заменяет весь этот арсенал старого китайского врача.

In this figurative analogy, we see a complete correspondence between the energy concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (hereinafter referred to as TCM) and modern color therapy data. According to the concepts of TCM, moxa - the heat from a wormwood cigar - saturates the meridian with energy to the maximum, golden needles - have a tonic effect on the meridian, silver needles - have an inhibitory effect on the meridian, and steel needles are neutral and are a means for the transition of energies in Lo - points ( open energy "gateways" between the meridians). When influencing the energy system of the meridians, the quantum energy of light is used, as well as the resonant interaction of a certain wavelength with the vibrations of this meridian. It has been established by biophysicists that each meridian has a certain frequency of vibration (fluctuation), therefore,

The basic principles of the energy impact of color on the meridian system:

Yang colors - are used in the degenerative state of the meridians - the Yin state, making up for the lack of Yang energy;

Yin colors - are used in acute conditions of the meridians - Yang states, adding Yin energy and balancing Qi;

Neutral color (green) - used in cases of functional imbalances of the meridians, as well as in Lo - points, to ensure the outflow of excess energy to an insufficient meridian, i. e. , they play a regulatory role in the complete balance of Qi energy in the entire meridian system. And also green, according to modern data, has a more pronounced resonant interaction with unstable meridians.

Based on the Chinese theory of "Jan - Fu", all organs functionally connected with the meridians are divided into "Jan" - dense, parenchymal organs (yin) and "Fu" - hollow organs (yang).

Yin organs - lungs, heart, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, liver. Yang organs - stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder, gallbladder, triple heater (three cavities (parts) of the body).

Meridians and colors of influence (according to V. Hulke).

Meridian Stimulating color Inhibiting color

Light - P Blue - Cyan Orange

Large Intestine - GI Blue - Green Orange - Red

Stomach - E Green Red

Spleen/Pancreas - R/P Green - Yellow Red - Violet

Heart – C Yellow Violet

Small Intestine - IG Yellow - Orange Violet - Blue

 Bladder - V Orange Cyan - Blue

Kidneys - R Orange - Red Blue - Green

Pericardium - MC Red Green

Triple Heater - TR Red - Violet Green - Yellow

Gall Bladder - VB Violet Yellow

Liver - F Purple - Blue Yellow - Orange

In clinical practice, 7 primary colors are used for therapy: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. In the methods, colors such as pink, turquoise, crimson (scarlet) are also used. This group of colors was called by Mandel - "colors of the soul. " They act only on subtle spiritual and emotional aspects, and often reveal the emotional cause of bodily suffering. This is especially true when therapy with primary colors does not give the desired effect, as well as in case of psychosomatic pathology. Color therapy today is a highly effective, safe, universal method of treatment. Moreover, the possibilities of the method are such that they cover with their effectiveness both functional disorders and deep degenerative processes, and also act on the highest level of regulation in the body - the psyche. That's why,

Color therapy has its roots in traditional medicine, but over time it has been integrated into academic science and today is an essential part of clinical physiotherapy. Color has been studied by evidence - based medicine, guidelines for doctors have been developed, a number of dissertations have been defended, and the method is widely used in practice not only by naturopaths, but also by classical physiotherapists. This is a vivid example of integrative medicine, when all the best is taken from traditional medicine and academic science for the benefit of a person.

Purpose of the device

The device "SVETOCH" is designed for light color therapy, visual color impulse stimulation in order to correct psycho - emotional and physiological states.

The device has two blocks of LEDs and an electronic control unit. Light pulses are emitted with a certain frequency, sequence and polarity, in accordance with the program you have chosen (according to the attached instructions). This allows you to eliminate various pathologies in the human body at the atomic and molecular level with high accuracy.

As you know, projections of all internal organs are presented on the iris and retina. When a light flux hits the iris or retina, the information is sent exactly to the specified address - to a specific internal organ or system. Therefore, the most convenient and effective way is exposure to light through the eyes. At the same time, diseased organs, in which the vibration frequency has changed as a result of the pathology, receive additional light energy. This allows them to return to their normal frequency again - the frequency of health.

Operating principle:

Light color therapy is carried out through the organ of vision. The energy flow of light is perceived by the eyes and transmitted to the regulatory centers of the brain. Light causes a whole cascade of transformations in the body, affecting organs and systems, activating physiological processes, restoring the balance of the internal environment, supporting cellular metabolism, regulating metabolism, increasing the vitality of cells and tissues and supporting the natural mechanism of homeostasis.

Each color has a certain effect on the human body, on its psycho - emotional and physiological state. The action of certain colors leads to inhibition or excitation of the human nervous system, i. e. to calm, pacify or mobilize, raise the tone.

What is useful:

 The device helps to compensate for the lack of light and color in the winter season, to overcome winter depression. Helps to cope with drowsiness, anxiety, irritability, increased need for food, decreased performance.

You can control your emotions! The device makes it possible to independently influence emotional stress, stress level, sleep quality, and as a result, health status. It will help increase physical and intellectual activity, vitality, improve mood, reduce irritability and sadness, and help you get joy from life.

How to use:

Using the device is very simple. Make yourself comfortable sitting or lying down, relax. Press the "Mode" button to select the desired program, put on your glasses and enjoy the colors of summer!

How to choose an exposure mode?

The device "SVOTOCH" has 9 programs that use the following colors:

1 - red

2 - orange

3 - yellow

4 - green

5 - blue

6 - purple

7 - red - green

8 - orange - blue

9 - yellow - purple

Red, orange and yellow have a stimulating effect. Green, blue and purple are sedative. The glow of two colors at the same time allows you to optimize the work of the cerebral hemispheres, balances and complements the healing effect of each of these colors.

The choice of the right color should be based not only on recommendations for their use, but also on personal feelings. There should be no discomfort during the session.

Programs for the correction of physiological conditions (optional):




Refractive errors (myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism)









acute bronchitis

Bronchitis chronic

Varicose veins

Vegeto - vascular dystonia

Hair loss

Acute gastritis

Gastritis chronic


acute hepatitis

chronic hepatitis

Herpes simplex










retinal dystrophy


Goiter diffuse toxic

Goiter simple




myocardial infarction

Cardiac ischemia



Colitis chronic

computer syndrome



Acute laryngitis

chronic laryngitis



Urolithiasis disease

Drug addiction

Neuropsychiatric disorders: irritability, insomnia, mental reactions, depression, fatigue






acute pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis

periodontal disease

broken bones

Acute pneumonia

Pneumonia chronic


premature old age


Acute prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis



Sleep disorders

Rhinitis acute

Rhinitis chronic


chronic fatigue syndrome

Multiple sclerosis

Brain concussion

angina pectoris




acute tonsillitis

Chronic tonsillitis


Trophic ulcers

Acute pharyngitis

Pharyngitis chronic


Chronic cerebrovascular accident

Central chorioretinal dystrophy

Cirrhosis of the liver



Warranty 12 months.



Attention: if you are interested in correction programs for other diseases not listed in the table, please contact us. Our experts will help you to install the necessary programs, adjust, adjust to the individual requirements for your body. You can also get advice on additional methods of treatment, rehabilitation and prevention and coding.


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SVETOCH pulsed color therapy device + meditative encoder program
SVETOCH pulsed color therapy device + meditative encoder program
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