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Buy Vortex bathtub for legs of KUPAVA (hydromagnetotherapy)
Vortex bathtub for legs of KUPAVA (hydromagnetotherapy)

Vortex bathtub for legs of KUPAVA (hydromagnetotherapy)

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Vortex bathtub for legs of KUPAVA (hydromagnetotherapy)

Vortex hydromagnetotherapy (VGFMT) in the medical and improving purposes with use of the combined hydrobathtub for legs.

KUPAVA is the unique device allowing to influence at the same time a vortex water stream, radiation of red color and constant magnetic field shins and feet of legs.

The possibility of magnetolight (laser) impact on a crotch is in addition provided during the hydroprocedure, i. e. magnetolight devices are built in in sitting of a bathtub.

Feature of improving and medical procedures of the combined hydrobathtub Kupava are as follows:

The lower extremities are affected by a vortex water stream of a certain power and temperature which depending on parameters can have the toning, harmonizing or sedative effect;

The permanent magnets which are in addition built in in a bathtub structure water and such water together with magnetic fields renders powerful magnetotherapeutic effect;

Photoactivators are located in a bathtub in such a way that they can stimulate the most important zones (biologically active points) of foot and a shin and consequently, to render improving and medical effect;

Also the possibility of installation of magnetophotostimulators in sitting of a bathtub is provided in a hydrobathtub design Kupava that allows along with the hydrophotomagnetoprocedure for legs to influence a zone of a crotch, a tailbone, a rectum, etc.

The vortex hydrophotomagnetic bathtub provides performance of massage of gastrocnemius muscles and a foot of legs with a vortex water stream, influence by the optical radiation of red color and constant magnetic field. The vortex stream is formed at the expense of the round form of a bathtub and special nozzles located on each side bathtubs. The basis of action of a vortex bathtub is made by a combination of mechanical, temperature, optical and magnetic irritants. When using mineral water the chemical irritants caused by difficult scale of various mineral salts, gases and minerals join them.

Vortex hydrophotomagnetic bathtubs can be used in different medical institutions, sanatorium conditions, the improving centers and house conditions.

Medical effects of application of vortex hydrophotomagnetic bathtubs:

Normalization of a tone of muscles of the lower extremities, "removal of fatigue of legs", increase in the general working capacity and resistance of an organism to diseases;

Improvement of a krovenapolneniye of legs and its regulation due to change of parameters of influence (temperatures, capacities light and magnetic water, time of the procedure, an aktsentuirovka of zones of stimulation, etc. );

Improvement of a limfoottok and limfoobrashcheniye in the lower extremities, bodies of a small pelvis and organism in general;

Improvement of function of the central and peripheral nervous system;

Stimulation (normalization) of function endocrine and autonomic nervous system.

Main indications:

diseases of cardiovascular system;

endocrine diseases;

diseases of the musculoskeletal device;

chronic diseases of the urinogenital sphere;

sexual frustration;

psychosomatic frustration.

 Application of vortex hydrophotomagnetic bathtubs at the polineyroangiopatiya (for example, diabetic) obliterating is especially effective

angiopatiya of extremities, tunnel syndromes, arthroses, etc.

It is necessary to remember that "top it is necessary to treat through a bottom", i. e. this option of vortex foot bathtubs should be used at different headache, dental pathology, etc.

Vortex hydrophotomagnetic bathtubs render the powerful revitalizing effect.


the general contraindications for a holiday of balneological procedures;

violation of integrity of an integument of legs;

varicosity of the II - III stage.


The working volume of a bathtub, l - 60;

Quantity of permanent magnets, piece - 2;

Induction of magnetic field of a permanent magnet, mtl - 38;

The number of photoactivators, piece - 8;

Power of an optical stream of the photoactivator, MW - 100;

Wavelength of radiation of the photoactivator, nanometer - 627;

Range of frequency of modulation of optical radiation in the working range of temperatures from + 10 to + 35 °C, Hz - 0,5 - 7;

Power consumption, VA - 1000;

Overall dimensions, cm - 150х140х75;

The mass of a bathtub, kg - 45;

Degree of protection against defeats by electric current – the Class 1 (demands grounding).


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Vortex bathtub for legs of KUPAVA (hydromagnetotherapy)
Vortex bathtub for legs of KUPAVA (hydromagnetotherapy)
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