Len złoty i brązowy kupić w Tomaszów Lubelski
    Len złoty i brązowy kupić w Tomaszów Lubelski
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    Len złoty i brązowy kupić w Tomaszów Lubelski
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    Dear customers

    Our company has on offer FLAX SEEDS GOLD AND BROWN

    the product is in good quality and has the purity level min 99,9%

    moisture max 9 %

    ash max 5%

    Our Flax seeds are specially sourced for Human Consumption.

    Most types have similar nutritional characteristics they are an excellent source of calcium and fiber, flax seeds also contain heart healthy omega-3 acids.

    Our flax seeds enhances the flavor of whole wheat or wheat flour based recipes. With freshness guarantee and packed with strict quality control checks, the flax seeds from Herbs And Crops are 100 % free of adulterations or harmful additives.

    We also offer polish kidney beans, apples, red lentils.

    to find out current prices please contact us on: info-slawa[at]

    Thank you

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