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SHARK reducer is designed for sequential gas injection systems. Its task is evaporation and reduction of the gas pressure supplying the engine, as well as maintaining adequate fuel pressure to ensure optimal operation of the entire system. The unique and modern design ensures proper operating even in temperate climate conditions which provides smooth operation of LPG in the user's car.Reducer is equipped with a gas filter for the liquid phase and the solenoid at high flow rates. As first company in Poland we have used the valve with a diameter of 8 mm, which means that there are no restrictions in the gas flow, which are strongly felt by huge expenditure in the standard solution of 3 mm diameter.

The special construction of the membrane ensures full performance, and the lack of pressure drops across the full load range. While designing our product, we remembered about the possibility of mounting it in two surfaces, what in many cases makes an installation much easier for the installer. All of that allows our SHARK reducer - based on proven, but also innovative solutions - to maintain long and trouble-free operation of the whole gas installation. Our reducer can be applied in every gas injection installations, especially in sequential injection. SHARK brand is a guarantee of quality and efficiency of the device.

Technical specification:

  • Supports engines power up to 150 HP (inlet diam.: Ø 6 mm) or 200 HP (inlet diam.: Ø 8 mm),
  • Output pressure: 1.2 or 1,5 bar,
  • Pressure adjustment range: 0,9 ÷ 1,9 bar,
  • Easy pressure regulation - imbus (Allen key) 4 mm socket,
  • Integrated shut off electrovalve (voltage supply 12 V),
  • Integrated gaseous phase filter,
  • Gas inlet port diameter: Ø 6 or 8 mm,
  • Gas outlet port diameter: Ø 11 mm,
  • Rotary water pipe elbows diameter: Ø 16 mm,
  • Vacuum input: Ø 5 mm,
  • Dimensions: 95 x 109 x 93 mm.

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Reduktor SHARK
Reduktor SHARK
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